Magic Items

In the world of Athas, magic items tend to be rare. However, most players find that extremely boring. So I will leave it up to you all as to what you want to do!

-Magic Items are great
-Magic items exist but are rarer
-Magic items are for sissys

And While we are on the idea of choices, how do you want to handle weapon breakage:

-Ruthless breakage: Nat 1 = broken weapon every time (steel being the exception)
-Reckless Breakage: Nat 1 allows re-roll at cost of weapon. If steel, a roll of 1-5 on the re-roll breaks.
-No Breakage: Cause that would be silly.


Magic Items Are Great VOTES: 0
Magic Items Are Rare VOTES: 2 (Sean, logan)
Magic Items are for Girly Men VOTES: 0

Ruthless Breakage: 0
Reckless Breakage: 2 (Sean, logan)
No Breakage: 0

Magic Items

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