"I will be the next Sorcerer-King!"


This small lad is looks remarkably young to be wandering the wastes alone. Wearing light clothes and a hooded mask, the identity of this boy is well hidden, but upon closer inspection brutal and abusive scars mar the boy’s face. His bright colors show a pronounced personality, as does his claims of becoming the next Sorcerer-King.

In combat, the boy uses strange magic unlike any other! However, its power seems almost too much for his young body to handle, as his body quakes with each casting. Additionally, the boy carries a obsidian disk on his back, almost like a shield that he used to protect himself and to get around. Somehow, it seems light enough to even glide in the air.


There are many mysteries behind the mask that this young boy wears, and Ty’lum’this likes it that way. Some believe it is to be safe from those hunting down the one that claims to be becoming the future Sorcerer-King. Still others believe it may be the lads way of distancing himself from some past, one that has left many reminders upon his face and body.

The Reformers first met the young lad when they were exploring the Face in the Stone. Within, Ty’lum’this attempted to scare the group into surrendering the first shard of Ul-Athra to him or face the consequences of opposing the Future Sorcerer-King. The party was not scared, however, and when they refused to hand it over the Reformers and Ty’lum’this clashed. However, Ty’lum’this was no match for the group and had to flee back out the tunnels.

However, soon the rivals would become companions as the Face in the Stone came under the gaze of the lich, Yarnath the Skull and his skeletal keep Slither! Working together to defeat the servants of the lich while also escaping the giant constructed vessel. Ty’lum’this proved that he had numerous magical tricks up his sleeve, and almost seemed more powerful than when he had fought the Reformers, as he was able to resurrect Merric with only a marginal dose of magic energy.

However, once the Reformer’s arrived to the safety of Tyr, Ty’lum’this left the Reformers with crown piece, saying he was no longer interested in it. While he craved the potential of the artifact, he knew that the cost would not be worth it. So Ty’lum’this headed into the desert again. No one knows where the young lad goes when he takes off into the desert. Few believe he stays out in the intense heat at his age, and believe that he hides as a normal citizen in a city-state. Some believe that Ty’lum’this has even discovered the secret location of the Verdant Isle, where he plans to forge his own city. Still, these are little more than rumors and speculations from the few that have seen the young boy.

The party and Ty’lum’this didn’t cross paths for some time afterwards. However, the young lad did appear to assist the Reformers in defeating none other than his own brother, Maxlixoco, who was trying to steal away one of the Forest Ridge’s Trees of life’s energy for his master Tectuktitlay. Unfortunately, despite the help of many, Maxlixoco was able to drain the life force from the tree to save himself from death, vanishing in the swirling dust.

The journey back from the Forest Ridge would have been long, especially after such a loss, but Ty’lum’this knew of an ancient portal that would take them to Tyr, if the party so wished. It was hidden in a hollowed out stump of a tree that was formatted to become a small room for the portal. With some magical words and reagents Ty’lum’this was able to take whisk the party back to the city-state of Tyr in a abandoned house. Ty’lum’this said his good-byes before locking himself in the house, and presumably using the portal to go wherever he had need to. Though, with his brother’s success lingering in his psyche, its doubtful that Ty’lum’this is just waiting for the next move to be made…


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