Timald Shart

"Every problem can be solved with a little ingenuity!"


A short fellow that looks somewhat as if a Halfling and a dwarf fused and…shrunk? Timald’s gentle face is almost consumed by its meticulously cared for mustache and scraggily hair. He wears light, wispy clothing and his belt is filled with a number of strange contraptions. Timald hardly likes to sit still, and his active curiosity keeps him in constant motion in an attempt to figure out how things work. Timald seems to hate the heat, and can often be seen with a strange thing that blocks the sun from burning his pale skin. In addition, he keeps himself covered from others as if he has something to hide. Though, he makes a mean cup of Joe called Ra’zeem’s Refresher.


Timald Shart has a little bit of a rocky background, one he is not afraid to share. Turns out, he has a little bit of a criminal record under a different name, By’son, in the town of Balic. Timald recollects that he was employed at a place called the Brown Bean, an upcoming business venture being pursued by a family of Drey. It was a gift to their son to have the son show them how he is ready to face the business world. However, a man that remains shrouded can create many rumors, and By’son created many, to the point where people would snoop around for evidence. While they did not find out Timald’s true identity, they did compare it to a local criminal lord that was said to be operating near the Brown Bean. As such, Timald was chased out of town by the locals. The Drey’s parents showed up to assist with damage control, and ensuring that By’son’s presence was all but removed from their son’s establishment…

After traveling for a few days, he ran into the pieces of a strange golem-esque creature. It appeared to be one of those that once traveled with the Drey son before the son started the business. Timald’s curiosity bloomed, and he began work on the creature in hopes to get it back into operational condition again. It was successful, and the being that called himself Relic was reformed. The two became traveling companions and ventured to explore the world.

Soon, however, the two were discovered by a man named Dr. Fontain who requested Timald’s support in the construction of a giant barge. Timald was excited by the offer, especially since all the supplies were given to him. And, with the help of Fontain’s mysterious powers, the two were able to enchant the barge with a primordial Efretti and few other minor elementals that allowed it to be flown with less man-power and protect the vessel. And while the vessel was going to open a whole new world to the two traveling companions, Timald and Relic, Fontain said it was being promised to some special individuals as a gift for assistance. Still, Timald and Relic were invited aboard to help maintain the skimmer, and so that is were they both live now. Seeing the world from the mighty skimmer, the Yggdrasil.

Timald Shart

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