"I do hope I'm doing this correctly..."


A Massive brute composed of sandstone and echoes of some wood, this being is strange indeed. Standing almost as tall as a half-giant (goliath), this creature looms over all who glance its way, especially his friend Timald Shart. It valiantly tries its best to assist Timald with any work needing to be done, but his awkward size seems to more often than not get in the way of the task. It is hard to grasp such a small hammer with such large hands. And while clothes certainly seem unnecessary for this golem like creature, it still is drabbed in covering desert-wear. A strange white orb glows within its chest almost resembling a heart-beat.


Relic was once a traveling companion of the Reformer’s before they separated within the city of Balic to take care of their own business. Unfortunately, Relic knew not of what it needed to take care of. So it gently wandered the sand to try to decide where to go. Something, obviously, needed to be done….after all everyone else was….

Soon, a wicked obsidian storm rained over head and buried the poor remnant in the sand, where it was pulled apart by wild creatures. Contemplating its newfound position, Relic pondered exactly what to do now. As now, it could not go someplace or do something. Perhaps, it wondered, if it should have returned to the people that originally found it, but now that seemed so far away. Calculating the distance at a speed of zero, it would take an eternity to arrive…and they would probably be gone already anyways.

So Relic now sat there…sad and alone…. until there was a strange tug it felt on one of its arms….wherever the arm was. Turns out, Relic was discovered by a friend they had made in Balic, Timald Shart, who began to reconstruct Relic. With great success echoing off of the small Timald’s lips, Relic was able to move and recognize its body again.

Grateful for the assistance, Relic decided that assisting Timald would be a worthy thing to “take care of” after all it would be taking care of Timald. Proud to have figured it out, the two ventured off into the desert together to see the world.

Soon, however, the two were discovered by a man named Dr. Fontain who offered the two the task of building a giant silt skimmer. Timald was thrilled at the opportunity, and the two got to work constructing the mighty vessel. And while Relic was inept at assisting in the small tool projects, its ability to due heavy lifting greatly expedited the project. The Yggdrasil was to be a gift for the Reformers…a name Relic recognized. Seems Relic had chosen the correct path after all.


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