"You're the only one you can count on!"


A lithe and swift elf, even by the race’s standards. His soft tan skin is accented by his lighter colored clothing and waving scarf. Taken to running across the city of Tyr, and squandering a life in the Warrens, the elf seems to make a decent living for himself. However, he is no squanderer to danger, and is known for his blue hilted blades that he keeps with him at all times. The shimmering steel seems almost out of place on one such as this.


Ravee is the child of Toramund, an elven chief of the small settlement called Silver Springs. As part of the negotiations between the group and Toramund, they agreed to deliver a letter to Ravee in return for some information on the Canyon of Gothay. Ravee apparently had called attention to the criminal band known as the Toothcutters and was in danger. The group held no respect for Ravee’s successful freelance work and sought to remove the thief from their “hunting” grounds.

However, it was Ravee who found the party first, well, at least the party’s purses, before fleeing into the crowd. The party, not wanting their gold lost wantonly, chased after him, but the crowd was much too difficult for them to traverse, without offering more of their money to get them to move aside. Figuring that Ravee fled into a cellar, the party was about to follow…until Ravee stopped them, warning them about the dangers that lied ahead. The cellar was known as the Screaming Cellar, a place where a great evil hides. Ravee told them that just the screams emanating from the cellar are enough to create horrible nightmares.

When he introduced himself, the party quickly requested to speak with him about Toramund’s letter. Ravee hesitantly agreed, but when he read the letter, the elf told the party to bring his father a broken steel dagger as his response. The party agreed, but have yet to deliver the message to Toramund.

When the party later came to arms against some Toothcutters, Ravee appeared and assisted in defeating them. Warning the party that this was not their fight, Ravee told them that he could handle the situation before disappearing again.

The party has not seen Ravee since….


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