Marrow the Mad

"All must die, for I!"


A devilish creature that was first seen in flamboyant colors of a performers garb within the city of Urik. This man emanates an aura of friendliness, despite the dark gleam within his eyes. His flesh almost, upon close inspection, appears almost as wood when he is not disguising himself. This thing madly cavorts in combat, and seems to enjoy nothing more than watching those around it burn!


There are many a fierce creature in Athas that go bump in the night, but none seem to create the sheer carnage that Marrow does. It was only a whisper in the air, the stories of a creature from the Sea of Silt that burnt small villages to the ground, leaving only the husks of those that once lived their. To those in the mainland, it seemed so distant and trivial, after all creatures like Silt Horrors are known to cause such damage, and they tend to remain within the Sea.

However, this horror has recently came ashore. Story’s fly of caravans arriving only with the carcasses of those transporting it burnt within. Smoldering patches of sand blackened in small areas around the Tablelands, where even the beasts of the wild fear to enter. Those that somehow “escape” the carnage whisper only a name, “Marrow!” Some believe that those who call its name curse themselves for its wrath, as the “escapees” disappear from their homes,

The party has met such a creature as it snuck its way through Urik’s walls. Posing as a well-meaning performer coming to perform at the Festival of the High Sun, the creature planned its feast. Alluring the people of the city, it began a fatal ballad, that enraptured while it ate away at its listeners.’

While it would have been a fatal song for the party, the roar of Hamanu echoed from the Lion tattoos on some of the members, breaking the spell the song held on them. And in a brutal battle, they managed to seemingly defeat the creature, as it burst into a blast of confetti, a wicked smirk on its face. The crowd was furious at the loss of their entertainer, and were it not for Hamanu’s intervening, the party would have had to deal with a angry mob which seemingly had no idea as to what almost transpired.

However, the monster is not sated or defeated as sparse attacks have started appearing along the Road of Kings. However, the returning caravans are littered with blood-written messages meant for someone, but no one knows quite who. Though one thing is known whoever the messages are for, they are marked and in extreme danger.


illustration by Craig J. Spearing from Dragon 184

Marrow the Mad

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