"I know what you are thinking, and the answer is no."


Companion Boon:

While you have Knox as your Companion, you gain the following abilities:

Spatial Gateway
Companion Power
At-Will; Minor Action *Conjuration
Target: One Unoccupied square in range
Range: 10 squares
Effect: You conjure a Spatial Gateway in the target square. It has an AC of 2 and 5 HP, occupies its space, and grants cover to those behind it. If there are two Spatial Gateways up, and both within range, a creature can enter the space of one of a Spatial Gateway and teleport to a square adjacent to a different Spatial Gateway, ending its move.
Special: You can only have two Spatial Gateways up at a time. Creating a third will cause the first to disappear.

Force Displacer
Companion Power
Encounter; Minor Action
Effect: You may count the squares adjacent to the Spatial Gateways as being adjacent to each other until the end of your next turn. (I.E. While in a square adjacent to a Spatial Gateway, the squares adjacent to the other Spatial Gateway can be treated as adjacent to you.)

Keep your Resolve
Companion Passive
Effect: While Knox is your companion, all allies gain resist 5 psychic and +2 companion bonus to saving throws against effects that have the charm keyword.
Level 21: Resist 10 Psychic and a +4 companion bonus to saving throws against effects that have the charm keyword.


There are many ways to obtain magic powers. Most common are those earned through intense study and practice or through it passing through the bloodline. However, there is another technique that can unlock magic power in an individual, and while it is less known it can be just as powerful (if not more-so).

Knox is one such wizard to use this rare method, and had earned himself great arcane prowess. The technique used was resisting temptation for over thirty years. In withholding so much energy and not sharing it with others, it grew into a magical power few had ever seen.

In fact, Knox was soon seen as a threat to the sorcerer-kings who only saw his sudden burst into arcane power. To squelch the threat, some of the Sorcerer-Kings planned on attacking the wizard, only to be resisted at every turn. It took the sorcerer-kings their collective might to not finish, but lock the wizard in a cell that none, not even the wizard Knox, could break. This prison was a cube composed of a arcane crystal that the Reformers discovered deep in Under-Tyr in a locked vault.

Knox is a stubborn old coot that frowns on any hint of hedonism. Knox will loudly present his opinion on any matter should he feel the need and is extremely judgmental. For if he could resist temptation for so long, with not so much of a waver of will, then obviously so could those around them (and with any other problems as well). And while Knox lacks the power to free himself, the old wizard is still able to affect the world around him a little bit, opening small gaps in the fabric of reality to get around. It can, with more effort on the old man’s part, be opened large enough for his allies to use if necessary. Though, Knox is somewhat lazy and prefers to just be dragged around as he gives his lectures.


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