"The fiercest of things are ones you cannot see!"


A strange tiefling that is only seen when he means to be seen. Wearing a greenish colored leather obtained, presumably from a Chathrang, this red-skinned man approaches every situation with style and flair. A multitude of knives are arranged around his entire body for quick access, and attached to his belt at all times is a broken mirror. Few ponder the purpose of the mirror. Some believe it was a memento of a lost love. Others say that he traps the souls of his victim’s in the mirror’s shards. All this tiefling’s style and flair don’t seem to damper the strange darker feelings obtained by approaching too close. And those truly observant notice that their is something almost more bestial in his shadow… as if it was for another and not him.


Not much is known about the tiefling Auren, other than the fact that many believe that he should have already died multiple times, and some believe he actually did and is now merely a fearsome undead creature.

Before Kalak’s death, Auren was the guild master for an assassin’s guild known as the “Invisible Blades.” The guild was well known for its skills in knife-play and ruthlessness. Oftentimes, an invisible blade’s “execution” became a miniature gladiator combat. The target would be given its chosen weapon to fight the Blade for a chance of survival. The oppose could use any weapon, and the Blade would only wield a their trademark knives. At first, the target’s would be cocky against such odds, but soon people learned of that mistake.

Auren, however, never participated in the flashy events of the other guild members. Even stranger was that when Auren tasked himself with a mission, the job was done quickly and silently. The bodies would always be found with Auren’s marked knives and every mirror or reflective surface in the target’s house would be destroyed. It was whispered that Auren takes shards of the mirrors as a prize, using each piece to build his own fractured mirror.

However, despite the guilds successes, it was not to last. The guild had agreed to throw its hand into a plot to overthrow the Sorcerer-King Kalak, however, someone warned Kalak of the Invisible Blade’s treachery and the guild was promptly brought to ruin from Kalak’s fierce warriors and magic.

No one knows how Auren survived such an attack, or has any idea what he is up to now. Though, scattered reports of his trademark kills have begun to spring up around the Tablelands, though some of the targets seem unusual. Most of those killed seem to lack any bearing of authority at all. Were these people who hold the guild past debts? Were they the ones who ratted out the Invisible Blades? What is Auren’s true motives?

Only one thing is known to be true…it would seem like the Invisible Blades are beginning to recover from their losses, and a group of the same name have started accepting jobs again. Seems the world is not yet safe from the guild’s lingering blades.


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