Adai Dethersan

"How many sins fell a hero?"


An elven woman of noble birth that lives within Tyr, she is seen wearing only the most eclectic and fancy clothing. Seemingly frail and light, she treats almost every event in a insouciant manner. Even in the darkest times, the nobles of Tyr know that she is the one to look to for a calm and logical response and to recollect their moral. However, her eyes seem to look beyond a person and into their very souls…


A noble of the city of Tyr, Adai was born into her wealth yet grew into her role as a city advisor within the noble district, and within the council that currently runs the city. Even during Kalak’s fall, Adai appeard unfazed by the chaos around her and was a key component in gathering the masses back in line and a proponent of a council run Tyr, where all people are represented and given a say. Adai’s kindness seems unusual for a noble, especially from Kalak’s ruling years where many nobles vied for power and privilege.

Despite her quick rise within the city of Tyr, little is known about the Adai. She separated from her noble house years ago, and those who were curious derived that her full name is Adai Dethersan, a name that sends shivers through the spines of the nobles who recognize the name. The Dethersan house locked themselves within the confines of their home (of which resembled a sepulcher) a hundred years ago and have not been seen since. Additionally, those that tried to enter the Door of Drakes, as it is called by the other nobles, were swallowed without a trace. Whispers say that Adai hides powerful magical abilities and so few wish to risk her ire, despite no hint of such magic exists.

The party came across Adai after they infiltrated a party at the Blacksun Villa. A member of the group had used defiling magic to defeat the sslad that led the cult, but the cost was hefty. Many party goers perished from the defiling energies that smoldered the building. As they tried to figure out how to not be caught, a young girl came down the stairs of the villa, and saw her parents were dead. The young girl’s father was the one whose body was being used by the Sslad, and the young girl’s mother was scorched and slain by the dark magic. The girl was now alone and had no means to take care of herself. However, Adai appeared on the scene, seemingly undaunted by the events surrounding the building. Reaching out her hand to the young girl, Adai offered to take care of the child in her own home. The girl agreed, almost as if she had forgotten what had just transpired before her young eyes. As Adai left the party behind, her eyes seemed to cast a somber spell on them. Adai knew the truth behind what transpired….and yet she told no one.

Since the scene at the Blacksun Villa, many speak of the human child that Adai is raising. While the child, named Ferra, seems happy and healthy, many have their doubts its a truth, Those that knew the Ferra’s past sometimes worry that Adai was really the one that caused the damage at the Villa, and that the woman had a dark purpose for stealing the child away. Some believe that Adai may have some dealings with the True, especially with Adai’s strange obsession with Silver’s wanted picture. Are the two working together?! Despite everything Adai has done for the city, these rumors seem to grow in strength with each day, and those closest to Adai worry she may soon have to flee for her own safety….

Adai Dethersan

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