The Sands of Fate are Shifting

The ancient primordial Ul-Athra, The Mouths of Thirst, has been reformed and has begun reforming his throne in the Sea of Silt. It would have taken some very powerful, or very lucky, group of individuals to perform such a act, be it miracle or curse depending on whom you ask. Rumors and stories have been spreading on the Reformers of the Dust Kraken, no longer merely by-standers in the crowd, the Reformers are forces to be reckoned with. It is said the Reformers not only escaped Yarnath the Skulls servants, but stole one of the Lich’s precious artifacts! Some tales speak of a ferocious Temple over the mountains that the Reformer’s plundered without a moment of unease. While it is unsure if these stories are true or fable, one thing is for certain. The Reformers are formidable and have altered the world of Athas in a substantial way.


The sand has only begun to fall…

Shifting Sands

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