All living on Athas have a least a small connection to psionics, and there are many powerful practitioners of this power such as the sorcerer-kings and many of their Templars. However, while this power has its uses, it also has its weaknesses, and power is something many creatures crave. One such creature is the Psurlon, strange worm-like creatures that hail from a world distant from Athas. Sensing the powerful and consistent psionic abilities of those on Athas, the creatures came to this world and slowly try to worm into society and plant their own evil ideals.

However, these creatures have a powerful adversary, the Æons. Æons are native to the same world as the Psurlons, but have vastly differentiating goals. Æons prefer freedom, free will, and strength an individual can provide a group. Psurlorns see only their will, and all should be under their unified control. An ancient war started on the planet, and the Psurlorns were believed to be defeated. However, sensing their new rise upon the sands of Athas, the Æons have reawakened from their slumber to prevent the vile influence of the Psurlons from destroying the planet.

As an Æon, you are a powerful guardian against the foul aberrant creatures that lurk and wait in the dark sands of Athas. While Psulorns are their longest rivals, others (such as the Tsochar whom were banished long ago) do exist. The Æon main goal is to protect the world from these threats that do not belong on Athas. However, when witnessing the act of defiling and the damage it causes, most Æons find a similar desire to protect the planet from that evil as well. For, much like the Psulorn, the power corrupts and warps creatures into something dark with only destruction being its goal.

However, the worlds defiling has not left the Æons unaffected. It has hurt their psyche’s and implanted a dark chaos that lingers in every Æon. Now, as they battle to defend the planet they must also fight back a looming madness that lingers in the back of their minds. Nothing would be worse for an Æon than losing whom it is.


Outsiders from the land of Athas, they fight to protect others and itself from foreign madness.

Racial Traits
Average Height: 5’9” – 6’6”
Average Weight: 155 – 280 lb.

Ability Scores: +2 Intelligence, +2 Charisma or +2 Constitution

Size: Medium

Speed: 6 squares

Vision: Low-light vision

Languages: Common, Deep Speech

Skill Bonuses: +2 Arcana, +2 Dungeoneering

Aberrant Glow: You gain the Aberrant Glow At-Will power.

Aberrant Origin: Your ancestors were native to the Far Realm, so you are considered a aberrant creature for the purpose of the effects that relate to creature origin.

Mad Resolve: Once per encounter you can use the Mad Resolve power.

Psychic Resistance: You have resist psychic 5 + one-half your level.

Trance: Rather than sleep, Æons enter a meditative state known as trance. You need to spend 4 hours in this state to gain the same benefits other races gain from taking a 6-hour extended rest. While in a trance, you are fully aware of your surroundings and notice approaching enemies and events as normal.

Aberrant Glow Æon Racial Power
Your blood glows with an eerie green light which illuminates your way.
Minor Action Personal
Effect: Your skin glows in a pale green light. All squares in a close burst 5 are illuminated in dim light. While this effect is active you take a -5 penalty to Stealth checks. You can end this effect as a free action.

Mad Resolve Æon Racial Power
Your mind is chaotic and ever changing, clearing out distractions and disillusions.
Immediate Reaction Personal
Trigger: You are dazed, dominated, or stunned.
Effect: Make a saving throw against the effect that renders you dazed, dominated, or stunned. If the check succeeds then you are not affected by that effect even if it didn’t normally end on a save.

Ancestors who fled from the growing madness of the Far Realm, Æons now live in the dark places of the world. There they continue their attempts to cure the plaguing madness of their world and preventing its growth, even within themselves.

Play a Æon if you want…
✦ to be a race not from this world.
✦ to fight the growing madness within.
✦ to be tough and intelligent.
✦ to be a member of a race that favors the Battlemind, Psion, Swordmage, Warlock, and Wizard classes.

Physical Qualities
An Æon’s appearance is a standing testament to their otherworldly ancestry. Their bodies are built slightly taller and broader than your average human. Their skin is usually dark and bizarre with colors ranging from an oceanic blue to a swampy green
An Æon’s eyes are usually pale white orbs, though they shift colors with their emotions, becoming brighter with pleasant moods and darker with sadness or anger. They have subtle ears and noses. Atop an Æons head are tentacles that stretch from where their eyebrows should be all the way behind their heads and down to their shoulders. These tentacles appear similar to thick and ropey hair. Being only distant relatives to those who were banished from the Far Realm, these tentacles hold little purpose anymore, though some female Æons adorn them with jewelry.
An Æon’s blood is phosphorescent and their skin is just translucent enough to show its glow. An Æon has a certain amount of control over there glowing blood, and can make it dim enough that outside observers can’t see it. This glowing blood enables Æons to light their way in darkness.
Æons typically live to be about 150 years old, and feel little of the infirmities of old age.
Playing a Æon

Æons have ancestry to another world that seeks to spread its madness to new places. However, Æons disagree with the madness of their brothers, and while they tend to be bit chaotic themselves, Æons fight to keep this madness at bay. They do not hate aberrations or fear them, but rather, Æons feel a sad kinship towards them.
Æons are not used to the civilized societies of the world, having experienced nothing similar, and are not used to their customs. That in combination with their bizarre appearance makes it difficult for Æons to fit in. Many see Æons as just rude, but nothing could be farther from the truth as they are kind to a fault and will try to fix whatever it’s that they are doing wrong.
Æons are very curious, and that is what leads them to towns, forests, and the darker corners of the world. They don’t fear what is around the bend, but instead revel at the chance to see what it is. Æons have trouble sitting idle in one place for long, and most are eager to go out and experience what life will throw at them.
While Æons appear optimistic most of the time, deep inside their minds is a constant struggle against madness seeded by the defiling acts of the world. In their attempt to keep this madness at bay, Æons try to keep their minds busy, either by constantly learning new things or by focusing on a task. They will often pace, count steps, fiddle with their hands, or wriggle their tentacles. Wizardry is sometimes a favorite choice, for it calls for constant focus and memorization.
Like the other aberrations, Æons have a natural knack at psionic powers and it constantly beckons them. However, Æons are careful in this practice for it beckons the madness within. They keep their minds focused and meditate to calm their minds after using intense psychic powers. Æons who use psionics often show more quirks than the others of their race.

Most Æons live in the darker regions of the world, and are rarely seen by most other races. In fact, since Æons themselves lack a solid society of their own, they seldom see others of their own race, besides the small groups they travel in for protection. Æons feel a strong connection to their companions and can usually be depended on by their allies.

Æon Characteristics: Adaptable, anxious, brave, curious, focused, good-natured, kind, open-minded, optimistic, otherworldly

Male Names: Abor, Auron, Caros, Delvosh, Goul, Hessiph, Irin, Iktar, Lumin, Montror, Sorval, Thar, Xan

Female Names: Avell, Boreal, Corvana, Delva, Faless, Fara, Hora, Iless, Jalace, Morvana, Orsel, Resa, Silva, Xo

Æon Adventurers

Three sample Æon adventurers are described below.
Auron is an Æon wizard, who works on his magical abilities constantly to fight off the madness within. His fingers constantly mimic their magical code, as he paces around. His study of wizardry keeps his mind busy, but nothing is more important than his friends. Alert and focused, Auron constantly urges on his companions, eager to learn what’s over the next hill.

Fara is an Æon Psion. She realizes the dangers of the pursuit of the mind, and constantly meditates to calm it. When not in battle, she can often be seen counting her steps or using only tiny bits of psychic power to float objects around her. While she sometimes fears that she will fall into madness, her friends subdue those fears and grant her a restored confidence. In return, she gladly protects them as best she can.

Xan is an Æon Warlock. He is always looking towards the night sky in his attempts to find an answer to the madness that grows in him, as well as the other aberrations. He wants to know how a world could’ve plunged into madness, and if it can somehow be cured. This same past-time also grants him dark powers, but he is careful to keep his sanity when using them. The stars give him something to keep his mind busy with, while he can also focus on protecting his friends.


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