A giant Silt Skimmer with an elemental trapped in its Stern


Gargantuan Vehicle
HP: 1000
Space: 5 squares by 10 squares
AC 15; Fortitude 30; Reflex 15
Speed: 8 Squares

Pilot: The pilot must stand at the skimmer’s helm within the upper deck control room

Crew: The ship is mostly maintained by the elemental within, and can operate with only a Pilot. However, if the elemental is unable to maintain the ship, taken to much damage or weakened by something, then it takes three crew members to maintain with standard actions. For each member missing, this ship loses 2 speed. It will land gently if it has only 2 speed.

Load: This ship can sustain 30 medium creatures; forty tons of cargo

Decks: This skimmer has 3 decks. A deck for the quarters and dining (second deck), a deck for cargo (at the bottom deck), a smaller upper deck that acts as a control room (it is surrounded by a crystal that allows full vision, yet protection from the sand and storms.

Sails: This ship sails are on only affected by the wind when the elemental cannot maintain them.

Spectral Shield: The ship is surrounded by a shield that prevents it from taking damage. While the shield is up, the skimmer has resist 30 to all damage and counts as insubstantial. However, it prevents counter-attacks coming from the ship as well. The shield cannot be maintained if the elemental is not maintaining the ship. The shield also prevents defiling within its bounds.


The Yggdrasil, a mighty ship that is given to the party as a gift should they decide to take the deal offered to them. It is the only way to get around in relative safety.

It is infused by a grumpy Effreti named Jo’hin’cla’de who hates his imprisonment and treats all who board with the scorn he feels they deserve. At least that is the impression he wants to be received. The elemental has the ability to protect he ship and ignore anything that would hamper the ships progress to where the pilot leads it.

This is truly a mighty vessel!


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