The Talking Sword

weapon (melee)

Lilarcor Special Greatsword
This strange sword seems to bind with its users mind,
making its powerful edge useful for any wielder…
if it would just shut-up.
Lv: ?
Critical: +2d12
Enhancement: +2 attack rolls and damage rolls
Property: Anyone proficient with simple weapons or
The dagger is proficient with this weapon.
Property: This weapon can count as a dagger for implement attacks or arcane attack powers.
Power (At-will): Converse. You can initiate a conversation
With Lilarcor.


Little is known about the origins of Lilarcor. A soul trapped in a sword, or a sword that just thinks he has one? Their is a story about a lad named Lilarcor who, seeking to prove himself, hunted a fierce Treant, and instead brought home a normal tree thinking it was it. (Except there never was such a thing). This act made him an even bigger joke than he already was.Perhaps a wizard trapped his soul in the sword? Who knows? Despite everything, the sword loves his job! Killing!

Through melding with its user’s mind, Lilarcor allows anyone to use him. And while he prefers to be used as a sword, Lilarcor can also channel any spell that is able to be cast through a dagger. However, Lilarcor puts his own twist on the spells, turning any effect to look like Lilarcor himself was casted. A fireball launches a Lilarcor at the target and explodes out with multiple Lilarcor’s for example. Some call this…annoying. Other find it worse than defiling. Either way, its how Lilarcor rolls.


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