Silva's Amulet

"This glowing amulet gives off a feeling of hope and love."


Silva’s Amulet Neck Slot
Worn by one who died feeling strong emotions, this amulet gives off vibes of hope and love.

+1 enhancement bonus to Fortitude, Reflex, and Will

Property: +2 item bonus to AC against Opportunity Attacks

Beaming Hope (Daily): Minor Action, Personal, You can spend a healing surge to allow an ally within 5 squares of you heal as if they had spent a healing surge instead of healing yourself.


This amulet was once worn by a woman named Silva who worked for a mercenary company called the Red Chords. Silva was a sweet, but Na├»ve woman who literally wore her feelings on her sleeves as her feelings emanated from a corona that floated around her head. When the Red Chord betrayed the party within the Face in the Stone, Silva refused to assist such a dark plan and assisted the party in fighting back. However, her old allies slew her with a mighty blow of a hammer…Silva’s final words being, “Forgive them!”

In Silva’s death, her strong emotions were sealed in this amulet and can be accessed when needed to lend a helping and hopeful hand to someone in need.

Silva's Amulet

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