Crossbow of the Dead

"A crossbow covered in splinters that howls upon each attack,"


Crossbow of the Dead Magic Crossbow
This crossbow looks like it has seen better days, each bolt that launches screams for death to come.
Lv. 7
Critical: The creature is weakened until the end of your next turn
Enhancement: +2 enhancement bonus to attack and damage rolls

Dead-Eye (Daily): Free Action, trigger: You make an attack roll with this weapon, Effect: You gain a +2 item bonus to the triggering attack roll. If you miss, you take damage equal to your level and you regain the use of this power.


The party found this crossbow when they went back into the Ezar Storehouse to figure out what happened to their friends that had disappeared within. However, the storehouse seemed to have warped into a completely different building inside, with no trapdoors. Instead, this weapon was found. It is covered in splinters and sharp points, and looks in pretty bad shape. Any attempts to smooth the wood or in anyway bring the crossbow back into better shape seem to do nothing to help its ugly appearance.

The crossbow howls with every bolt that launches, hungering for the life of its foes. It can even help the user aim, but should the user still miss it punishes them instead of the target. The owner must take the blood of its foe, or learn to do so…. Some have died using this dark weapon, and the crossbow was pleased.

Crossbow of the Dead

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