"A wanderer knows too well the suffering of the world."


A slender half-elven man with short and gorgeous shot blonde hair. His mustache gives him an almost sophisticated grace as he holds himself high. Proud but conscientious, Vance’s calm green eyes survey his surroundings and those around him, hoping to protect them from the darker shades of society. His armor is decorated with vials of strange plants and herbs, and the sun gleams off of the man’s sword in its hilt. It is well decorated, and rumor has it that it is a remnant of an old age. The bow on his back looks strong, but all the arrows that the man carries have blunted tips, which question its usefulness. A Chatkcha rests on his belt, probably his ranged weapon of choice if violence is necessary. Still, despite the aura of grandeur that Vance emanates, their is a soft somber look in his face, concealing the darkness that Vance so desperately wants to protect others from.


Silver first met the Reformers in the small trading village called Altaruk.. Greeting them as Vance, Silver assisted them in the rescue of a House Wavir trade caravan that was attacked by a Ssurran and a horde of Silt Runners. However, the trade situation was not blooming, even after Silver’s aid, and so Silver left immediately (leaving a note of goodbye to the reformers).

Silver also later met the Reformers when one of them he had traveled with earlier sought his help. This time, he was in his true identity of Silver. Apparently, the Reformers had come under the gaze of Sarhan who was planning on enacting a ritual on the group. When Silver arrived, two Reformers were already marked by the Lion of Hamanu. Still Silver prevented the last member from becoming marked, and helped the others back to their feet. Sarhan knew better than to mess with the law of Tyr.. Unfortunately for the reformers that were marked, Silver knew little on how to remove such a spell, so he merely assisted them to get their bearings and let them be off.

However, as Silver let them go something continued to bother him. The Face in the Stone was their destination. Remembering that he read about such a place, Silver did some investigating. From the research, Silver discovered the legend of one known as Ul-Athra a powerful primordial of the past. It was severed in trine by the Dragon and scattered a crossed the wastes. Though, with items are particular interest, many seek to find them and Silver discovered the works of one such man that did.

Tracing the works of this strange writer, Silver came across a tarnished map that was torn apart into three pieces. The piece that Silver was able to obtain pointed towards the underbelly of Tyr. If those who went within the Face in the Stone return, Silver assumed they would appreciate this information.

Strangely enough, Silver ran into the group whilst Silver was investigating a slavery ring within Under-Tyr. Unsure of how they got there, Silver still accepted their assistance in snatching those they could. and while some of them were more brutal to the criminals than he would have liked, Silver still appreciated the help and gave them the information that he had gathered. And so they scurried into Under-Tyr for their prize. Silver assisted the watch with the collection of the slavers before heading home for the day.

Surprisingly enough, the knock at Silver’s home later that night was the very same group. Having crawled through Under-Tyr, they found the treasure that they sought, (and a strange device that called itself Knox), and somehow found their way out within the King’s Gardens. The Templar district, and the gardens, were off-limits to all besides the Templars, and the fact that the group made it through the barriers was intriguing, but dangerous. They could’ve lost their lives from the guards for being within the Templar’s walls. Apparently, they had even ran into King Tithian and his advisor, Silver was surprised more aggressive action was not taken against them, but was glad it was so. Silver guided them out to safety and cautioned that should they need to return to the Templar district that they should seek him out.

However, the winds were not blowing in favor of Silver. The reason behind Tithian’s kindness to the Reformers was because he recognized them as hanging around Silver quite a bit. Realizing the intruders could not escape without help, Tithian merely waited for them to contact Silver knowing full well that Silver would lead them out instead of arresting them as he was supposed to do. It took the other Templars some convincing, but when the Reformer’s returned to talk to Silver the next day, they figured that what Tithian said was true. that Silver was somehow working against Tyr.

Fortunately, Silver is not one to be caught so easily, and, with the help of his alter ego, he was able to flee the city. Now a wanted man, Silver must live under the guise of Vance until he can figure our what to do next and he set out into the desert…

As the party travels around Tyr, they sometimes see notices requesting Silver’s arrest and hear talk that people always knew that Silver would be part of the organization known as The True.


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