"There are so many mysteries to discover!"


Companion Boon:

While you have Tar’shiel as a Companion, you gain the following abilities:

Knowledgeable Perspective
Companion Power
Target: One creature within line of sight
Effect: Tar’shiel tells you the target’s resistances and vulnerabilities, its defenses from highest to lowest, its most fearful power, and any weird special abilities it has.

Knowledge is Power
Companion Power
Encounter* Psionic
Minor Action Ranged 20
Target: One Creature
Effect: Choose one of the following effects:
→ The target takes a -2 to saving throws
→The Target takes a -2 to attack rolls
=The Target is slowed
All these effects last until the end of your next turn.

Ever learning Student
Companion Passive
Effect: Tar’shiel can translate any language for the party, written or spoken so long as he can see it or hear it.


Long ago, when their old leader died, the Yuan-ti of the Sky Serpent temple split into two distinct tribes. However, Tar’shiel decided to avoid such a mess and instead lock himself away in his private library. As the ex-advisor to the felled king, both new tribe leaders (and other Yuan-ti alike) would seek Tar’shiel’s counsel. Using his gather knowledge, Tar’shiel helped either side on their conquest, feeling that his answers were available to either had they only ask. In return for this free information, both tribes gave the library a wide birth so to not destroy any of Tar’shiel’s treasures.

Tar’shiel loves a good mystery, the yuan-ti is a race that has always been known for its secret keeping and subterfuge. As such, a good mystery story often gets Tar’shiel a bit too excited. Tar’shiel prefers his half-blood form, a snake lower body with a more humanoid upper body. His green scales shine in rainbow colors when in direct sunlight.

Since Tar’shiel hates legs, he also hates pants. Tar’shiel doesn’t understand the point of such things, but observes how the humans seem upset at the prospect of one without them…so in Tar’shiel’s human form he wears them, but often fiddles with them too much….he, personally, prefers dresses as they don’t cling so pointlessly.

Tar’shiel’s favorite human invention is the hat. Tar’shiel loves hats and will buy any hat should he have the chance. Whether its ugly or not matters not! Additionally, Tar’shiel is on the hunt for even more knowledge and has a voracious appetite for any form of information.


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