Rashimel Nogri

"Magic is but the means to an end, no matter how it's used!"


This tall and slender man stands slightly above those around him, though that may just be his plumbed hat. His long flowing robes are black accented with deep shades of red. The long face, curly beard, and large hat create the feeling that the man is quite tall, when he is probably only a little bit taller than the average man, but his gaze always makes one feel as if the man looms over them. With him is a small and vibrantly colored Sitak that never strays far away from the man’s shoulder-piece.

When you have Rashimel as your companion, you gain the following abilities:

Magus of the Sands
Companion Power
At-Will* Arcane, Varies
Standard Action
Effect: You can use your standard action to have Rashimel cast a spell in place of your attack. Its range is determined by your space, and the spell does not provoke opportunity attacks even if it ordinarily would. It doesn’t count as the player using the attack, however, (except in regard to time in initiative, like how long a zone lasts) so it doesn’t activate abilities, feats, or anything that uses your attacks as a trigger. Choose a spell below to determine the effect:

→Fires of the Searing Sun
Area Burst 1 within 10
Attack: 5 + Party Level vs. Reflex
Targets: Each creature in Burst
Hit: 1d6 + 5 + 1/2 Party Level fire damage (2d6 + 5 + 1/2 party level fire damage in epic tier), and the area becomes a zone of searing heat until the end of your next turn. Any creature that enters the zone or starts its turn there takes 5 fire damage, it can only take this damage once per turn. Increase the zone damage to 7 at paragon tier and 10 in epic tier.

→Breath of the Mountain
Close Blast 3
Attack: 5 + Party Level vs. Fortitude
Targets: Each creature in the blast
Hit: 2d4 + 5 + 1/2 Party Level cold damage and the targets are slowed until the end of your next turn. Increase damage to 4d4 + 5 + 1/2 party level cold damage at 21st level.

→Thunderous Quake
Area Burst 1 within 10
Attack: 5 + Party level vs. Fortitude
Targets: Each creature in burst
Hit: 1d6 + 5 + 1/2 party level thunder damage, and you can slide the target 1 square. Increase damage to 2d6 + 5 + 1/2 party level at 21st level.

→Sweeping Serpent’s Kiss
Close Burst 1
Attack: 5 + Party Level vs. Reflex
Targets: Each enemy in the burst
Hit: 1d6 + 5 +1/2 party level poison damage and you push the target 2 squares. Increase damage to 2d6 + 5 + 1/2 party level at 21st level.

→Bidding of the Commanding Sultan
Ranged 5
Target: One Creature
Attack: 5 + Party Level vs. Will
Hit: You slide the target 3 squares and it can make a melee basic attack as a free action against another creature of your choice.

→ Delusions of Escalations
Area burst 1 within 10
Attack: 5 + Party level vs. Will
Target: Each creature in burst
Hit: 1d6 + 5 + 1/2 party level psychic damage, and the target takes a -2 penalty to attack rolls. Increase damage to 2d6 + 5 + 1/2 party level psychic damage at 21st level.

Prison of the Divine Hearts
Companion Power
Encounter* Arcane, Standard Action
Area Burst 2 within 10
Attack: 7 + Party Level vs. Will
Target: Each enemy in the burst
Hit: The target is immobilized and dazed until the end of your next turn.
Miss: The target is slowed until the end of your next turn.

Seen it All
Companion Passive
Effect: All members of the party gain a +2 companion bonus to perception and insight checks. Increase to +4 at level 21.

The Splinters of Emptiness
Companion Passive
Effect: Whenever a party member uses Arcane Defiling, each member that takes damage gains temporary hit points equal to half the damage dealt.

The Remnants of Courage
Companion Passive
Effect: Whenever a party member uses an Arcane Daily attack power and does not use Arcane defiling, all members of the group gain a +1 companion bonus to attack rolls and a +2 companion bonus to damage rolls until the end of the user’s next turn.


Not much is known about the one named Rashimel Nogri. Despite the mystery, the man and his Sitak is well know across Athas, and many stories are spoken of the man.

Many speak of a heroic figure, arriving when the forces of evil were wrecking the most havoc and destroying all hope. They say a man who called himself Rashimel appeared before them, shattering evil with the raising of his hand as the elements shaped to his will.

Rashimel appearing before vile defilers, transforming their strength into their weakness before brushing them aside.

Other stories see Rashimel as a man of the darkest evil, freezing villages desperately tying to fight back and burning down caravans amidst the desert.

Some speak of Rashimel defiling an oasis to prove a point, and slaughtering those whom relied on the oasis’s water to survive.

Regardless, one thing is known for certain, the man known as Rashimel Nogri is an enemy of the Veiled Alliance who have labeled the man as a threat to their ideals. Several alliance leaders have sent out missions to find the man, but they either return with no new knowledge or they return dead as burnt husks.

None was as infuriated by Rashimel than a man named Reeve. Once a young and cocky Templar of Kalak, Reeve voraciously hunted for power in hopes of one day conquering his master and taking his place. However, knowledge is a carefully guarded secret, and Kalak allowed no one into his impressive study, not even his own and most trusted Templars. So, Reeve concocted a clever plan. Reeve knew of the Veiled Alliance sect within the city, but instead of turning them in to his brethren, Reeve sought out to join them. Feigning his need of “redemption” Reeve offered the Alliance something they desperately craved, an inside man. In return, Reeve gained access to all the Alliance’s stolen knowledge.

This started Reeve’s life playing both fields, reporting information to the Alliance as well as to his Templar brothers. However, Reeve worried that the one known as Silver was beginning to suspect something, and so Reeve once again concocted a plan. Reeve warned the Alliance’s current leader that Kalak was sending Templars at that very moment to attack the Alliance that was active in Altaruk! Reeve told the group where to go and wished them speed to save their fellow members, not going himself to put his informant position at risk.

The Alliance quickly sent members into the desert after the Templars that dared to attack the Alliance’s fellows. However, it was exactly the opposite that was going to happen, as at that moment Reeve was reporting to his fellow Templars, ensuring that Silver was watching, of the Alliance members and how they planned on attacking one of Kalak’s trade caravans. A few Templars quickly ran after the alliance members as Reeve waited to see that Silver was satisfied. However, Silver merely said nothing, leaving the room in silence.

Seeing his path clear, Reeve chased out to meet his fellow Templars and ensure that the deed is done. However, instead of one side or the other being ravaged, Reeve instead came across a scorched area where all involved had perished. And there, sitting in the middle of it all, was a man with a strange and colorful bird on his shoulder. As Reeve approached, a haunting smile crept across the man’s face as he introduced himself as Rashimel. This Rashimel fellow spoke of the events that transpired, and laughed at how Reeve had not been caught sooner. Rashimel knew everything that Reeve had done so far, but how?!

Reeve, infuriated that his secret was out, attempting to kill Rashimel, who stood unflinchingly at Reeve’s vain attacks, laughing all the way. Insulted, Reeve reached out to the world and drew in its strength to launch at the smug Rashimel. However, instead of destroying Rashimel the power began tear at Reeve, who gasped in pain as he hunched to the ground. Rashimel stood before the sad excuse for a man and told him that the Reeve would not fall to Rashimel’s power, but rather, to demonstrate how truly pitiful Reeve was, by a much weaker and ill prepared opponent before vanishing into the desert wind.

Reeve knew that Rashimel was planning on revealing the truth, and so upon returning to the city broken and battered, Reeve warned the alliance of the powerful threat that loomed in the desert. A defiler so pronounced that he eradicated not only Kalak’s Templars, but the Alliance members that were sent to stop them. Reeve lied, saying his wounds were garnered in his attempt to save his comrades. The Alliance members were shocked at the news, and took the report as a sign of Reeve’s true allegiance with them. Soon, the group even elected Reeve as their leader to help guide them past Kalak’s plots. Reeve used his new found place to spread word to other Alliance guild halls of Rashimel and the evil he posed, and all guilds are now on the look out for the man.

Strangely enough, Rashimel was never found by the guild despite its efforts. Instead, Rashimel appeared before Reeve’s slayer, Iymril Duskryn. Rashimel merely teased the young man, floating just in sight but never truly being there. As time went on, Iymril swore he could see Rashimel sometimes whispering into Shianni’s ears, but on second look nothing would be there. Iymril thought the guild’s stories were just getting to him until the day that was returning to Tyr to rejoin with the Reformers. Iymril was ambushed by Rashimel who berated the fool for not understanding the consequences that were forming from Iymril’s actions. Iymril attempted to defend himself, but was no match for Rashimel who knocked the man around with each word.

You Will Learn, Rashimel spoke, the words echoing through the air like thunder in the night. And despite anything Iymril wishes, Rashimel is found aboard the Yggdrasil waiting for the Reformers….waiting for the lessons to begin!

Rashimel Nogri

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