Dr. Fontain

"They call me a Dr. because I patch up their futures."


A tall dark skinned man wearing only the finest of clothing. He carries a walking stick with a swirling purple orb at its tip. Every once in awhile, a dragon can be seen flying within, as if it was trying to break out. A medallion around his neck portrays a grimmer look than the rest, a skull with jeweled eyes that seems to stare straight into your soul. One is drawn to his personable charisma, but resistant due to a darker aura that surrounds this man, and he seems pleased with that result.


The party has only just met this mysterious man, whom has given them the strangest of offers. Granting the group one of the mightiest vessels on Athas in trade for taking him deep into the desert. You feel that the man that calls himself Fontain could do it himself, yet he seems strangely persistent that you come. In fact, the man becomes clearly stressed if the party even hints at saying no. Something certainly strange is going on with this man.

Picture: The Princess and the Frog – Dr. Facilier (by J)

Dr. Fontain

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