Aramil the Banished One

"Death isn't so bad. After all, all your friends are there."


The dark seems much thicker when this tall and slender man stands near. Despite faint elvish features, the man lacks any of the serene gracefulness or flowing steps. His eyes have faded to a deep grey, losing their magical properties and appearing almost human. His hair is a deep black that seemingly swallows all light that touches it. As far as anyone can tell, the man never smiles beyond a disheartening smirk that appears as death is delivered to those who dare oppose him. Scars line the bottom of his jaw, marks of a past that is never spoken of. Some suspect the history needs to remain lost, from fear the truth of it will be more haunting than the man.

When you have Aramil as your Companion, you gain the following abilities:

Blades of the Deepest Darkness
Companion Power
At-Will, Free Action
Trigger: You hit an enemy with a weapon attack
Effect: You attack deals force damage instead of its regular damage type or types. Additionally, you ignore the insubstantial quality for this attack.

Spells of the Coldest Silence
Companion Power
At-Will, Free Action
Trigger: You hit an enemy with an implement attack
Effect: You deal cold damage instead of its regular damage type or types. Additionally, you ignore the insubstantial quality for this attack.

Darkness’s Binding
Companion Power
Encounter, Minor Action
Area burst 1 within 10 (Level 21: Area burst 2 within 15)
Effect: The area is filled with an inky darkness until the end of your next turn. While within the area, creatures are blinded and the cloud blocks line of sight.
Sustain Minor: You sustain the power

Eyes of the Dead
Companion Passive
Effect: All members of the group gain Darkvision as a special sense. Additionally, you suffer no penalties for attacking a creature that has total concealment or concealment as long as you are adjacent to it.


The eladrin are a mysterious people, who mask their homelands with mirages and other natural phenomenon. However, despite their anger at the defilement of their homelands by the greed of man, the eladrin attempt to stay silent and hidden afraid to alert any to their presence and sending spies to monitor the world they despise.

However, some believe the crimes of those on the world of Athas are unforgivable. Watching as their brethren were warped by the dark magic into grotesque reflections of themselves, such as the creatures now called Sand Brides. Beings that once were benevolent and vibrant, but have been reduced to hollowed husks seeking only vengeance for the home they crave but know not of.

One group sought vengeance for such crimes, the eladrin king of his people begging the other eladrin tribes to band together to destroy the foul beings that call themselves “arcanists” and “sorcerers” that know not what actual arcane power is. However, no one answered the call. So, the king sent out his warrior’s regardless, leading the charge against the city of Balic, a city ruled by the one known as the Slayer of Elves. The battle was savage, but the powers of Slayer were too much for the small tribe of eladrin and they were forced to flee back to the Lands within the Wind.

Unfortunately, the sorcerer-king would not let the transgression go unpunished, and took a voyage with his Templars to hunt down the Eladrin. Word passed throughout the Eladrin tribes, and so, once again, the King spoke a request for aid against this powerful foe to rid the world of the Slayer’s crimes. However, the other tribes instead banished the King and his people into exile and to the death that they themselves had begged for. The King swore vengeance for this horrible crime, and returned to help his people.

It was not to be a war however, but rather a decisive spell to destroy the Slayer’s enemies and remind all that the sorcerer-king was not to be trifled with. And so, The slayer stood before the connection between the Land within the Wind and Athas as he began to gather energy to destroy the realm itself with its own natural arcane energies. Seeing this moment, the King decided their was one last thing he could do to protect his people. The King, leaving behind his family and tribe went to face the Slayer, and instead of fighting intercepted the blast with his own body while the King spoke his incantation. Absorbing the energy into himself instead of directly to the Realm. With his last breaths he was able to redirect the dark magic to change its purpose before the King fell into a pile of ash.

The Slayer mocked the foolish attempt, as the all that remained from the blast was an obsidian wall where the King once stood, the ground scorched into the black realm of death. Pleased with his work, the Slayer returned to the city to report his great success.

Aramil claims to be from this destroyed city, Prince of the King that the Slayer blasted to a crisp. The other eladrin know the claim to be impossible, but refuse the man any entry to their cities. Aramil claims it is because they do not want to face the truth, which they have always avoided.

Still, this dark echo of an eladrin seeks nothing more but vengeance for a tribe deleted from history and unknown to the ages besides a land scorn from life. His hatred for Slayer almost equals the feelings he has for the eladrin that banished him.

However, information had gotten to his ears that a promising daughter of the eladrin was being banished for bearing mysterious scars since birth. No one knows the cause of this mark, but Aramil hears that more and more are beginning to show up upon the eladrin children, information that brings a scornful smirk to Aramil ’s bleak face. Destiny was coming!

Aramil made his voyage across the sands of Athas, seeking this Quelenna who was a harbinger of this doomful sign and to give her the offer of his assistance. Aramil answers not why he sought out Quelenna, but insists it is for her protection even as his face hints signs of the opposite. Regardless, Aramil has proven himself to Quelenna, and earned a position at her side. Aramil was the only man unaffected by the sways of the Sand Bride Zindriel and assisted in defeating her. However, many question whether or not Aramil knew before hand the secrets of the city known as Mahin’drazal and did nothing as the other men succumbed to its vile influence.

Regardless of the other’s worries, Quelenna agreed to take Aramil with her when she ventures with the ones called the Reformers. Who knows what Aramil ’s plans are….and if he is up to any good at all….

Aramil the Banished One

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